Your Property Network / YPN Magazine Featured Interview


Your Property Network aka YPN Magazine are arguably the UKs leading property investors publication. Mark was delighted to be asked for an interview. It turned into a rather epic multiple page spread. Mark shared so many nuggets in this interview, it’s worth reading in full. Thanks to YPN Magazine for the opportunity. We’ve included the full interview below. You may struggle to read the scanned pages below on a mobile as they aren’t responsive. Click here for a PDF version.

Highlights include:

  • Mark’s early years growing up in Portugal
  • Goals of being super wealthy surrounded by the expat community
  • Moving to Glasgow and taking on a telesales job
  • Becoming an estate agent in 2005 and subsequently running 11 offices
  • Leaving the corporate life in 2014
  • The light bulb moment and setting up Goliath Property Solutions property sourcing agency
  • Bringing estate agency skills into property sourcing
  • The difference between a successful and unsuccessful property agent
  • The doubts that creep in and questioning your own experience
  • Thoughts on whether to line up investors first and then source property deals or vice versa
  • How to find property investors and build a list
  • Qualifying property investors for the VIP list
  • The kinds of property deals Goliath Property Solutions is doing
  • Multiple case studies

YPN Magazine


YPN Magazine


YPN Magazine


YPN Magazine



YPN Magazine


YPN Magazine



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