Ep43: Sourcing Property Deals In A COVID Affected Economy


In this podcast session, Mark discusses how to find deals in the current situation, as well as how to get ahead of the competition when the market recovers. He shares his insights and predictions regarding the future opportunities for deal packagers and property investors. He covers:

  • The current buoyancy in the market
  • Possible dates that the crash will happen
  • What deals to be looking out for in the meantime
  • How the current situation has affected landlords
  • Why you need to work with estate agents
  • The importance of working on your networks


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The Goliath Facebook Q&A Session

This week’s question came from Insiders Circle’s monthly Members Question Time –  “Should I be waiting for the market to drop or should I be doing deals now?”

It is a very strange time for the property market right now, so a lot of people are wondering what the best approach to take is. Mark covers some key considerations and tips on making sure you are ready for when the market corrects itself.

Facebook Group Q&A – “Should I be waiting for the market to drop or should I be doing deals now?”

07:00 Context behind the question
09:00 Investing time and effort into networks
09:20 Finding deals
10:25 Focus on being ready for when market corrects itself
10:40 Understand your specific opportunities/area

Sourcing with Mark – Sourcing Property Deals in a COVID Affected Economy

12:50 Buoyancy in the market and record highs
13:05 Current sales stats
13:50 Predictions of when crash will happen
14:10 How Brexit would have impacted market
14:30 Government schemes prolonging mini boom
15:05 Different opinions on market recovery dates
15:50 Deals to find until the recovery
16:05 Easy options are not readily available
16:45 Benefiting from current situation
17:45 Sale fall throughs are high
18:05 Lending confidence low
18:55 Saving chains from breaking
20:05 Importance of talking to agents
20:50 How you can help agents
21:15 Opportunities with landlords
22:00 Problems landlords are facing
24:05 Understand your prospect and risks
25:00 Worst-case scenario
27:10 Being patient and preparing during 6-12 months

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