Ep37: The Realities Of Rent To Rent And How To Approach Them


In this podcast session, Mark covers some of the realities of rent to rent and shares some tips of how to approach it in order to build a successful rent to rent business.

Mark gives his insights on:

  • How to mitigate some of the risks associated with rent to rent
  • The importance of setting up a management contract
  • Why you should approach it as a business to business model
  • How to handle objections and provide reassurance to landlords
  • Covering your risks


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Podcast Timestamps
08:50 Facebook Group Q&A – “What’s the minimum cash flow I should look to achieve with R2R deals?”
09:30 Different R2R models
11:40 Cashflow overview for the strategies
13:00 Minimum cashflow recommended for each strategy
15:05 Importance of negotiations
15:40 Hitting pain points
17:45 Sourcing With Mark – The Realities of Rent to Rent (it’s not all roses)!
18:15 Problems with many of the property courses
20:00 Reality of managing property
20:15 Mitigating the risks
22:40 Tips for your R2R business
24:00 Importance of a Management Contract
25:40 Approaching as a hybrid agency
27:30 Explaining services in a clear way

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