Property Geek Podcast Interview

The Property Geek Podcast claims to be able to help you ‘Become a Smarter Property Investor’. We’d wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

As property podcasts go it’s consistently maintained it’s place in the top 50 business podcasts in the UK. That speaks for itself.

Property Geek show host, prolific content creator and all round nice guy Rob Dix invited Mark on the show to talk all things property sourcing. In fact Rob titled the show ‘How to source property deals’. Couldn’t be clearer could it.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The art and science of relationship building with property sourcing agents
  • Understanding what level of property sourcing fees you’d expect to pay
  • How to do your own level of due diligence on a deal a property sourcing agent passes you
  • The numerous different strategies and methods for finding your own property deals
  • Which is better – sourcing deals through estate agents or doing it yourself and going direct to the vendor
  • Whether the below market value property deals really exist
  • What sourcing radius you should focus your time and energy
  • The systems Mark has in place to efficiently identify vast numbers of opportunities


Also worth a mention at this point is the rather excellently comprehensive post that Rob from The Property Geek put out, aptly titled Rent To Rent: The Ultimate Guide

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