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Ep39: Rent To Rent Case Study with Nicki Hodgkins

The podcast this week has a new format that we think you will find really useful. We interview one of our students, Nicki Hodgkins, who talks through some of the techniques she has used in starting her property business up and getting her first deal.

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As a Goliath Sourcing Academy student, Nicki used the resources and advice provided by us to develop her strategy, so this podcast should give listeners a deeper understanding of the journey from having no property experience to successfully closing her first deal.

In the podcast Nicki runs through:

  • What she learnt about managing remotely
  • Why she now only works in local areas
  • How she picked the R2R strategy
  • Her marketing techniques that found her first R2R deal
  • How she negotiated with the landlord
  • Her top tips for people starting up in the same position she was in

Podcast Timestamp

04:45 Nicki’s background and interest in property
08:30 Experience of ‘buying up north’
10:30 Managing remotely
11:20 Benefits of choosing local areas
12:30 Why she chose the Rent to Rent strategy
15:00 Other options she considered
15:50 How she chose an area
16:15 The input from Goliath
16:50 Analysing demand, universities, transport links
18:20 Successful lead generation methods
20:40 Thinking like a landlord
22:30 Using the HMO list for mailouts
24:10 Understanding tenant type and area
25:10 Saving time and money when you find the right area
26:45 Number of responses from mailing
27:50 Starting as an individual, moving into a business
32:00 Using Rightmove and Zoopla to find R2R properties
35:00 Why the landlord wanted to work with her
36:01 Negotiations with the landlord
38:00 The paperwork
39:10 Building connections
40:15 Key tips from Nicki’s experience
41:40 Importance of trust
42:10 Future plans

About the Author: Mark Dunsmore used to be an estate agent before he learned to apply the same skills to sourcing properties for investors. Having built up a nationwide sourcing business, he’s now teaching other investors how to find their own deals – either to build their portfolio, or make a profit by selling them on to others.
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