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Ep49: 3 Tips For Negotiating Rent to Rent Deals with Landlords

In this session, Mark gives his top tips for better negotiations with landlords on rent to rent deals. This is an area that can be daunting when starting with deals but Mark's insight outlines the three most important aspects of being able to confidently negotiate with landlords and get the results you want. He covers:

  • Overcoming the fear of 'what if?'
  • The importance of identifying pain points and finding the most acute one
  • How to provide the solution that solves their biggest problem
  • How to explain how you work and what you offer to them
  • Why you should avoid jargon and talk in a language they understand

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Podcast Timestamps

03:05 Facebook Group Q&A - "When setting up contracts with landlords and agents, is it okay to use management agreements in both instances? I've read that a lease agreement is recommended when working with owner and management agreement when working with agent"
03:40 Rent to rent agreement always between you and property owner
04:20 Different agreements with agent for management
04:30 Type of contract to use
05:1 0 When lease agreements are used
05:45 Commercial leases

Sourcing with Mark - 3 Tips For Negotiating Rent to Rent Deals with Landlords

07:50 Fear of going into negotiations and 'what if?
09:00 Identifying pain points
09:15 Examples of pain points
09:50 Do your research first
10:30 Asking very specific questions
12:00 Benefits of rent to rent you provide must link to pain points
14:05 Explaining the process of how you work
14:30 Avoiding industry jargon
17:30 You don't need to know everything
17:45 Learn how to go back to the landlord with answers to questions

About the Author: Mark Dunsmore used to be an estate agent before he learned to apply the same skills to sourcing properties for investors. Having built up a nationwide sourcing business, he’s now teaching other investors how to find their own deals – either to build their portfolio, or make a profit by selling them on to others.
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