We Don’t Just Teach How To Source Property – It’s How We Built Our Company – Mark Dunsmore & Brad Lazarus.

We’re also going to have a stab at the fact that you want to source more deals either to grow your own portfolio, package up and sell to other investors or maybe a mix of the two.We’re going to have a good guess that you’re here because you want to source more property deals.

Were we right? Great. You’re in the right place.

On this website you’ll find useful, valuable and critical information to help you source more and better property deals.

As the property market continues to ebb and flow its way through changing economic circumstances there will always be an opportunities in property.

Knowing what strategies and tactics to employ to source property deals and ensure you take advantage of those opportunities is critical to your success.

Here we have a wealth of free podcasts, blog posts, video blogs, webinars, case studies and so much more content to help you stay 3 steps ahead of the competition.

Who We Are
Mark Dunsmore

Mark Dunsmore

We’re Mark Dunsmore and Brad Lazarus.

Mark here. Recently I was lucky enough to be featured in Your Property Network magazine and they described me as the ‘Poacher Turned Gamekeeper’. I’ll go with that! I’ve been in property in some shape or form for the last 15 years or so. In the

Brad Lazarus

Brad Lazarus

last few years I focused my energy on building Goliath Property Solutions, my sourcing business. And that’s where Brad comes into the picture…

Brad here. I suppose I’m what’s considered a small business entrepreneur. I’ve got another couple of businesses outside of Goliath which I’ve had since 2003 so know what it take to survive and thrive out there ‘on your own’ so to speak. I bring my passion for cutting edge online marketing techniques, outsourcing and business systems to compliments incredible depth of property knowledge. Mark likes to think I spend all my time ‘in the lab’ concocting and testing new marketing and systems strategies for our sourcing activity. He’s not that far off!

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Will you try and sell me a course?

We noticed a slightly sceptical forehead frown when you said that.

We understand that there are many people in property trying to sell you all sorts of information to help you become the next big property success story. And yes we do offer courses aswell. And yes we’d love it if you were the next property success story.

We’re pretty upfront people and will openly tell you that we’d love it if you bought our courses. We offer incredibly valuable information that when implemented WILL get results.

But you have no obligation to buy anything from us at all. If after taking in the free resources we offer you feel you want more information on certain topics and areas of property sourcing then we’ll give you the opportunity to purchase. Either way we’ll ensure we always put out great free content for you that helps and inspires you to progress along your property journey.

Where do I start?

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