Inside Property Investing Podcast Interview

Inside Property Investing has risen to become one of the most successful property podcasts out there. Hosted by Michael Stenhouse the format is simple but effective…interview the best, brightest and most successful property investors in the game.inside property investing

Michael invited Mark onto the Inside Property Investing Podcast to talk about his journey through property and how he went on to build Goliath Property Solutions property sourcing agency.

Highlights of the interview include:

  • Mark’s early introduction to property and his experiences of viewing properties with his Dad.
  • How the corporate world distracted him from property investment and how he was drawn back in.
  • His experience in running 11 offices for a large corporate estate agency.
  • How Mark along with partners Brad Lazarus and Paul Armstrong are building their rent to rent and lease options portfolio.
  • Details of one of Marks biggest property deal sourcing success.
  • The details and numbers behind a recent 7 year lease options deal.
  • How Mark lost out on a £25000 property sourcing fee on a deal that took 7 to 8 months to negotiate.
  • The reason the deal fell through and what learnings came from the experience.
  • Mark’s business and self development book recommendations.


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