Ep42: How Slawomir Kuprowski Quit His Day Job And Became A Full Time Property Investor Within 8 Months


The latest podcast includes an interview with Slawomir Kuprowski, an Insiders Circle member who took a chance and moved to the UK from Poland in 2005 before embarking on a successful career as a property investor. He gave up his day job and put all of his efforts into property investment, which within 8 months proved to be the best decision of his life.

Slawomir explains how he selected his strategy and some of the key learnings he experienced. He also discusses the decision process behind the area selection, looking at opportunity for growth rather than focusing on cheaper areas. He also delves into working with overseas investors and building up a network.

Listen to his story, it will inspire you. Slawomir’s focus is key to his success and you can learn a lot from his experiences.

Slawomir provides us with great insights into:

  • The situation where he first got started in property
  • Why the time was right to go full-time
  • How he decided upon his strategy (using stats)
  • The successful marketing techniques he applied
  • Examples of his best deals and how he found them
  • Working with overseas property investors
  • How he used lockdown as an opportunity
  • What he gained most from working with Goliath

Podcast Timestamp

04:20 Introduction to Slawomir
05:30 His spontaneous decision to move to UK
07:25 First start in property refurbs
10:30 Going full-time and following his passion
11:45 Educating himself on the property industry
13:30 Looking at stats to focus on strategy
14:20 Lead generation process
15:10 Choosing the area
19:05 Using Facebook ads for campaigns
21:30 Helping landlords with their problems
23:10 Preparing for first conversations
26:05 The first deal
27:50 Systemising the process
29:00 Projects on behalf of overseas investors
31:25 Using Rightmove to find deals
32:00 Using estate agents to manage property
32:15 How he found the overseas investor and word of mouth referrals
33:20 How he worked through lockdown
36:05 Don’t ask too many questions!
36:30 How he started using Goliath
37:40 Why it was a good investment for him
38:40 How important the Q&As are
41:20 Taking the leap

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