Ep45: From Full Time Job to Her First Property Deal – How Deal Packaging Was The Perfect Way Into Property Investing for Judith Ragg


In this episode, former Insiders Circle member Judith Ragg shares her experience with starting and building up her deal packaging business. We also get into why she opted for deal packaging in the first place and why it is the perfect way into property investing.

Judith provides us with great insights into:

  • How she managed to do property while being on a full time job
  • Her diary management and scheduling
  • How she stays motivated and sets targets
  • The technique used to get estate agents onboard
  • How she built up her visibility
  • Work she is doing to grow her business
  • How she drives her own efficiency
  • How Insiders Circle helped her property journey

Podcast Timestamps

05:40 How Judith got started
06:50 Why she opted for deal packaging
08:20 Her property ambitions
08:55 Juggling full-time employment with deal packaging
09:50 Scheduling and time management
10:45 Motivation
12:40 Writing goals down
13:40 How many deals needed per month
16:05 Lead generation successes
16:15 Working with estate agents
19:10 Being honest with agents
19:50 Long term goals
23:10 Building visibility
24:00 Working with VIPs
26:10 Getting due diligence documents back
28:50 Next plans to grow the business
30:15 Removing time consumers
31:05 Importance of routine and exercise
33:10 Getting family life balance
34:15 Experience of the Insiders Circle and support for getting deals done
38:10 Using the Facebook Group

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