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FREE downloadable resource:  Property Sourcers Copywriting Checklist  

When you get your marketing strategy right, you are well on the way to achieving good business results. Whether you are in property sourcing or any other industry, marketing can be the difference between success and failure. There is a bit of a lack of marketing sophistication within property sourcing which is surprising because you can only get deals if you generate leads.

One of the biggest focuses in marketing is the lead conversion rate. This is where a lead, maybe through a Facebook ad for example, makes contact with you and is interested in your services. Increasing the conversion rate is a key objective for businesses that understand how valuable this is. To give you an idea, we’ll look at some example figures. Say you send out 100 letters and it costs you £100, then 5 people contact you as a result. This gives you a 5% conversion rate.

If 10 people contact you then you hit the conversion rate of 10% but you have still only spent £100. If you then convert your leads to deals at a rate of 20% then you have also doubled the number of deals done. So you have a better return on your initial investment of £100.

Copywriting to convert 

There is no simple formula for increasing your lead generation conversation rate but copywriting plays a big part in achieving a higher rate. If you’re a beginner, our Property Sourcers Copywriting Checklist can be a great guide and you can download it for free 

Just to be clear, people sometimes define copywriting in different ways. There is general copywriting that is information on websites, blogs etc. What we are talking about is copywriting that drives a reaction from a reader, i.e. getting them to take a particular action. In property sourcing, it would be to get a landlord to contact you, for example.

Copywriting doesn’t come naturally to all but there are some principles that anybody can apply to get better results.

Here are 6 key copywriting methods and practices that will help to drive more leads and conversions:

  1. Have a strong headline – The headline is what draws people to read an article in a newspaper or any other publication. A great headline will draw the prospect and convince them to read more information.
  2. Use testimonials – People like to know what other people think about your product or service before they contact you. Testimonials offer credible and honest evidence about your company. Testimonials work better than you trying to convince them how good your company is.
  3. Personalisation – It can be tempting to drift into using a formal, stuffy corporate tone but this isn’t likely to engage with people. When you are trying to build a relationship, you want to be conversational. So keep sentences short and fairly informal, without using long words unnecessarily.
  4. Formatting – Using bullets, lists and good line spacings makes it easier for people to read your content. Try to keep your lines relatively short as again this makes is easier for the reader – big clumps of text are really off-putting.
  5. Benefits over features – People are motivated by their own self-interests. They don’t want to hear how great your company is or what your main features are. They want to hear about what benefit you will bring to their life. Taking McDonalds as an example, a feature is that they have a drive-thru service. The benefit is that you can get a cheap, tasty breakfast very quickly on your way to work. So that is a feature turned into a benefit.
  6. Strong call to action – The whole purpose of the content is to get the reader to take the desired action and you need a strong call to action for this. Your success rate will be higher if you tell readers exactly what they need to do next. So make it clear how they can contact you and what will happen when they do. Be as specific as possible for greater results in terms of responses.


FREE downloadable resource:  Property Sourcers Copywriting Checklist  
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