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Top Diary Management Tips for Better Property Sourcing Results

There are all kinds of apps and online tools that will help you to organise your time better but when it comes to property sourcing, there is a bit more to diary management than downloading an app. If you want to get lots of property sourcing deals done and generate a good income, you have to look at your overall approach to time management.

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If you have been working in property sourcing for some time then you will know just how hectic the job can be. With endless tasks and competing priorities, it can be hard to get things done without distractions. And by distractions, we don’t just mean non-work related distractions; you can get drawn away from a task by work-related distractions too. We’ve pulled together some tips that will help you to stay laser-focused on tasks, so you can get faster and better results:

1. Be disciplined

If you spread yourself too thin then you won’t get the results you are looking for, so you must stay disciplined and focus entirely on what you want to do. What some people find themselves doing is changing the way that they work when they don’t get instant results. The real problem is that they are trying to do too many different things at once. So don’t get distracted by Rightmove searches, for example. Before you know it, weeks have gone by and you haven’t generated any income.

2. Allocate time for specific tasks

Staying focused for specific allocations of time is the key to successful diary management. So as an example, take cold calling. The best way to do this is fire off as many calls as you can in an hour. You will find that you get more confident the more calls you make and you can learn from any issues that arose in previous calls.

The same approach goes for any other tasks, like getting letters out. Spend that full hour sending out letters without distraction and leave it at that. The responses will then start to generate income but you should stick to your allocated time for that activity.

3. No internet browsing

It can be tempting to check Facebook or browse the internet and soon the minutes turn into hours. So switch everything else off and just concentrate on the task at hand, you can’t afford to waste time on the internet/social media.

4. Dedicate time to income generating activities

If you can be disciplined and laser-focused on those essential but perhaps less exciting jobs then it will open up your diary to dedicate your time to the income generating activities.

5. Schedule family and meal times

It can be tempting to work straight through lunchtime or sacrifice family time to get things done but scheduling time in for family and meal times is important.

6. Be strict with your schedule

Let agents know the days that you do viewings, for example and don’t move the days around. Even if they can’t make the days you have scheduled, you can arrange for the week after. We won’t be missing out on deals because if someone puts in the full asking price in that time, it wouldn’t be a deal we would go for. Once you start moving your schedule around it, all starts to slide.

Download a free copy of the Pre-populated Sourcer’s Diary Click here to download

About the Author: Mark Dunsmore used to be an estate agent before he learned to apply the same skills to sourcing properties for investors. Having built up a nationwide sourcing business, he’s now teaching other investors how to find their own deals – either to build their portfolio, or make a profit by selling them on to others.
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