Ep44: Analysis Paralysis Stop Overthinking It, Just Do It


In this episode, Mark talks about how overthinking and over-analysing can hold you back from reaching your property goals. He reveals some top tips on how to avoid over-analysing situations and putting actions off. He discusses:

  • Why overthinking will slow down your progress
  • The importance of building up knowledge to overcome over-thinking
  • Why it is important to focus on one strategy
  • Why you shouldn’t obsess with training courses
  • The importance of learning from your own mistakes

The Goliath Facebook Q&A Session

This week’s question came from Insiders Circle‘s monthly Members Question Time –  “What is the best deal strategy for the moment if I’m still working full-time?”

In this episode, Mark and Brad discusses the importance of looking for solutions to property owners’ problems by identifying and offering the right strategy. Mark also talks about understanding those problems and then pitching the solution in the right way to property owners.


Facebook Group Q&A – “What is the best deal strategy for the moment if I’m still working full-time?”

07:00 Intro to the question
07:40 Solving property problems
08:35 Different types of problems and solutions
10:10 Identifying the problem you can solve with your strategy
10:40 Mitigating risk

Sourcing with Mark – Analysis Paralysis – Stop Overthinking It, Just Do It

12:30 The problem with ‘what ifs’ and over analysis
14:15 Too many potential outcomes
15:05 Worrying about things that are unlikely to happen
15:30 Pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone
16:05 What’s the worst that can happen?
17:00 No single course to give you all of the answers
18:20 Experience, knowledge and confidence
18:35 Focusing on one strategy
19:30 Understanding your area
20:15 Learning from mistakes

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