property sourcing strategy
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Podcast Episode Highlights

10:10 Facebook Q&A
10:30 Increase the chance of your letters being opened with no addressee
12:20 What message should these letters include

14:44 Sourcing With Mark
16:12 One of the biggest mistakes in property sourcing
17:38 Two things to focus on
18:09 Focus and marketing
19:37 Become a master of your strategy
21:38 Be known in your area
22:28 A consistent pipeline
23:22 Summary

25:50 Head To Head
27:26 What is Sourcing To Order
28:16 What is Sourcing To Sell
29:00 Pros of Sourcing To Order
30:27 Cons of Sourcing to Order
31:56 Pros of Sourcing To Sell
32:43 Cons of Sourcing To Sell
34:39 Mark’s opinion on what’s best
35:56 Be very sure to work with the right investors only
36:59 Conclusion


The Goliath Facebook Group Q&A Session

The question this week comes from the InsidersCircle forum – “In the event that the electoral roll doesn’t have data for 2017, would you use the last name recorded or substitute with Property Owner” 

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‘Sourcing With Mark’ – Innovative and Advanced strategies for doing better property deals

FOCUS (Sticking To Your Primary Objective)

Building a successful and sustainable property business requires relentless focus. So many “newbies” make the rookie of mistake of sourcing for EVERY strategy ANYWHERE in the UK – BIG mistake. In this segment you’ll learn:

  • How to understand better who you are targeting
  • Be more specific and engaging in your messages to that audience
  • To master a strategy in a specific area
  • How focus will increase your marketing return on investment
  • How focus fosters professionalism and trust in you and your business
Get the free resources that accompany this episode. Getting Focused Checklist


‘Head To Head’ – Taking two property talking points, breaking them down and sharing which we think is best

Sourcing to Order vs. Sourcing to Sell

As you begin to build your property deal sourcing business you’ll build contacts and a list of qualified investors looking for specific types of deals. This is the point you can start to source to order. But is that always the best strategy/ In the segment Mark explores the pros and cons of both approaches. You’ll learn:

  • The pros and the cons of sourcing to order versus sourcing to sell
  • The importance of being clear on your strategy
  • Why you should know what a ‘good’ deal looks like



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