finding good property sourcing investor
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Podcast Episode Highlights

07:20 InsidersCircle Q&A
08:00 Building rapport with investors
09:40 Sourcing to order and regular communication
10:50 Signing a Sourcing Contract
12:40 Using NDAs

16:15 Sourcing With Mark
17:00 Identifying non-serious investors
22:10 Weeding out tyre kickers
23:00 Using an investor questionnaire
24:10 Proof of funds/ID
26:00 Face-to-face meetings
28:05 Monthly catch up call

30:30 Head To Head – Working with other sourcers vs. Going solo
31:40 Fee splitting
33:00 Pros of working with other sourcers
34:10 Tapping into their experience
35:05 Working remotely and using local property sourcers
35:40 Cons of working with other sourcers
36:30 Relying on and trusting others
37:25 Pros of going solo
38:00 First-hand information and learning skills
39:00 Cons of going solo
39:40 Distraction of the deal/delaying pipeline building
40:50 Conclusion


The Goliath Facebook Group Q&A Session

The question this episode comes from an InsidersCircle member – “Once you have discussed and agreed a deal to be passed onto an investor, what paperwork/agreement do you use to ensure the investor is secured?” 

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‘Sourcing With Mark’ – Innovative and Advanced strategies for doing better property deals

Stop Wasting Your Time With “Tyre Kickers” and “Dreamers” (Investors)

There are a surprising number of people claiming to be investors that are not actually serious and will waste your time. So it is really important that you are able to easily identify these people and avoid spending any of your valuable time on them. In this segment Mark shows you:

  • How to identify time-wasters
  • The hurdles that you should make investors jump over
  • What to include in your investor questionnaire
  • Which documents you will need to see and how to approach this
  • The importance of regular contact and rapport building

Get the free resources that accompany this episode. Investor Questionnaire Example Questions


‘Head To Head’ – Taking two property talking points, breaking them down and sharing which we think is best

Working With Other Sourcers vs. Going Solo

Sometimes there will be situations where it may be beneficial to work with other sourcers, for example when you do not have your own investors lined up. However, there are a number of pros and cons to consider when you are deciding whether to work with other sourcers or to go solo. In this session you’ll learn:

  • When you shouldwork with other sourcers and why
  • The negative aspects of working with other sourcers
  • How to get the most out of working with others
  • How working with others can save you time
  • The learning opportunities presented through both options
  • Why it is so important to build relationships with investors


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